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Automotive Instant
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Automotive Instant Digital Lending Fintech Platform

Kuwy’s ‘Click & Drive’ Technology connects the online to the physical world in the automotive lending ecosystem for dealers/channels, customers, and lenders.

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Paperless Processing
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Instant Digital Lending Fintech Platform
Core Technology

Kuwy's 'Click & Drive' Technology

India's only

Automotive Instant Lending Platform

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Our Products

Kuwy's state of the art innovations offer convenient solutions for dealers, customers and lenders within the marketplace.

Upcoming Products

RC Engine, Digital Retailing, Insurance Aggregator, Inventory Lending, Marketplace

Kuwy Elite

Streamline loan approvals process by allowing lenders to access customer information.

Kuwy Laas

Browse your cars online and get your loan approved virtually.

Kuwy Prime

Experience the ease of obtaining a loan through Kuwy while in our dealer's physical showroom.


Make your car ready for the market with Kuwy's verified scores.

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What is Kuwy

Kuwy is India's first automotive fintech platform that connects dealers, lenders, OEM's and customers digitally. It simplifies auto loans by facilitating end-to-end digital loan approval, processing and disbursal. We are neither Borrower nor a Lender.

All you need to do is download the Kuwy app and upload the documents and voila! Get instant loan approval with accurate loan value basis your eligibility and previous repayment behaviour. You also get rewarded for maintaining a healthy credit profile with high loan values, longer tenures and lower interest rates!

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Customer Vehicle Match

Kuwy pairs customers with ideal lenders using a digital vehicle and profile analysis.

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Credit Decision Engine

Kuwy's engine combines AI techniques for swift auto loan approvals.

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Same Day Approval

Kuwy's tech speeds up loan disbursals; customers get cars instantly.

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Title Transfer

Kuwy guarantees rapid title clearance and post-disbursal support.

Kuwy Benefits


Indulge in the journey of purchasing a used car with utmost ease. At Kuwy, we analyse to find the right lender to make your dream a reality. Our dedicated team ensures digitalised access to top-certified vehicles, backed by the assurance of quality. With a seamless process, we offer access to credit, securing the best loan terms as per your needs. Experience the convenience of digital verification and documentation, resulting in faster delivery.

Kuwy  Digital Lending -About us

Experience the advantage of streamlined paper transfers and a robust loan stack that caters to various needs. All vehicles at the Kuwy platform come with meticulous certification and have assured quality. Get instant eligibility checks, digital verification, and documentation, all contributing to a thriving experience. Our network of dealers and DSAs, along with location coverage, provides you with unparalleled access to diverse loan products. Leverage the power of our integrated credit platform and LOS integration, making your lending journey with Kuwy efficient and rewarding.


Get the advantage of pre-approved customers, giving you a head start on successful deals. Access to credit is made simple, with instant eligibility checks and digital verification, ensuring fast and secure transactions. Our digital documentation system accelerates the process, leading to faster payments and enabling you to provide the best loan terms to your customers. Flaunt your digital inventory thus giving a wide range of car choices to customers. Elevate your dealership experience, where a faster turnover meets seamless efficiency.


Core Technology

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    Click & Drive

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Automotive ecosystem On Your Terms

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Point Of Sale

Kuwy's deal center solutions expedite the sales process for your salesperson by enabling them to close the deals quickly, whether in the showroom or virtually through remote interaction. Additionally, it empowers your management to intervene and effectively structure a deal

Car loans in chennai
Point Of Search

Kuwy's dealer website solutions help our dealership with seamless customer engagement online, at any time and from anywhere. Customers can get certified vehicles, and the best loan terms and promptly receive instant loans wisely resulting in successfully funded deals.

Kuwy Mobile app
API Suite

Kuwy Leading as a service APIs make it easy for organizations to integrate Kuwy's financial innovations into their bespoke branded experiences, enabling the car buying and loan application processes to be simplified, efficient, and accessible from anywhere.

Kuwy car valuvation
Get Retail Car valuation at

Kuwy Car Check

The best used car loan service
Want to know your car worth?

Kuwy Car Price

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We digitize each step of the Loan Process using "Click & Drive" Technology connecting borrowers to lenders. Kuwy App is available in both Android & IOS Platform . Download Now !

Kuwy Industry Insights

kuwy has been recognised as one of the top 10 global players in allied market research's automotive
kuwy has been recognised as one of the top 10 global players in allied market research's automotive
Read More kuwy has been recognised as one of the top 10 global players in allied market research's automotive
Kuwy Automotive Fintech platform digitally connects customer, cars, dealers & lenders to provide on-demand transactions
Kuwy Automotive Fintech platform digitally connects customer, cars, dealers & lenders to provide on-demand transactions
Read More Kuwy Automotive Fintech platform digitally connects customer, cars, dealers & lenders to provide on-demand transactions
Disrupting the Automotive Finance Ecosystem with Digitalization
Disrupting the Automotive Finance Ecosystem with Digitalization
Read More Disrupting the Automotive Finance Ecosystem with Digitalization
Kuwy profile

Excellent customer service. Every employee went above and beyond to assist us. We were treated as valued customers, not as numbers or sales. Our next car will be purchased here.


profile Kuwy

My wife and I shopped around for weeks looking at cars. Our budget was low so we decided to buy a used car. We chose Kuwy as they had a high-end inventory, excellent customer service and best of all the best price. I have already passed on their name to a friend. We will be back for our next car purchase.


profile Kuwy

I was recommended to Kuwy by my friend. I had an extreme delight in purchasing a car from them. The staff are knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process and I bought a used car at ease.

-Anand Raj,

profile Kuwy

"My car-buying journey with Kuwy was very simple. From getting the best loan options to finalizing the deal, it was straightforward. I was worried that I would not get good loan deals for a used car but Kuwy helped me get the desired tenures. Now, I have EMI for my car and 0 worries about repayment.”

-Rajesh Sharma,

profile Kuwy

“Choosing Kuwy for my car purchase and loan was a decision I won't regret. The lenders who took up my profile through Kuwy were trustworthy, and the platform provided all the necessary information to make an informed decision. The digital documentation made everything so convenient. I highly recommend Kuwy to anyone looking for a reliable and transparent car financing experience.”

-Ananya Singh,

profile Kuwy

“I could not afford a new car and yet yearned for one, so I decided to opt for a used car. I did not have much to pay as the down payment. Thanks to Kuwy I got a good loan for my car and now I can call myself a proud car owner without having to invest much into it. My service personnel were extremely kind and guided me through explaining each process meticulously. I highly recommend Kuwy for your next car purchase.”

-Mohamed Shameem,

profile Kuwy

The experience was truly fantastic as everything happened hassle-free. I received an excellent price for my car, and I'm thankful to Kuwy. Thank you!

-Lavanya Cars,

profile Kuwy

Selling my cars through Kuwy was simple and easy from start to finish. The support I received from the kuwy team was outstanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to sell their cars hassle-free.

-Ramana Cars,

profile Kuwy

The entire procedure, from inspection to payment, was incredibly easy. Kuwy Car price gave me a proper price and I got whatever amount I had expected for my vehicle. Thanks to Kuwy and the team.

-Sri Hari Cars,

profile Kuwy

The products of Kuwy convinced me to sell my car through Kuwy. The process is transparent and efficient and gave me an overview of the automobile market.

-Jansi Cars,

profile Kuwy

"Partnering with Kuwy has been a game-changer for our dealership. The customizable digital profile allowed us to list our cars in our inventory. Not only have we experienced increased visibility, but the easy financing process has also led to higher conversion rates. Kuwy has helped us explore the digital aspects of the used car business."

-Sunil Motors,

profile Kuwy

"Kuwy has proven to be an invaluable asset for our dealership. Kuwy has helped us boost our sales by attracting customers by facilitating loans for used cars. The emphasis on connecting buyers with trusted lenders ensures that the leads we receive are genuinely interested in making a purchase, resulting in faster conversions and more efficient sales."

-Elite Motors,

profile Kuwy

“After partnering with Kuwy, our dealership can see a difference in sales. The platform's user-friendly interface and customizable features allowed us to integrate our inventory effortlessly. The digital financing process has not only reduced paperwork but has also enhanced the overall customer experience. Kuwy's commitment to security and transparent communication has gained our trust in their platform.”

-TechDrive Auto,


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